The Morrigan

As I have worked and continue to connect so intensively with this goddess I thought it appropriate to honour her with her own section. Here I have collected together all my work done with The Great Queen and the lessons learned and relearned with her walking by my side. 

My lessons from The Morrigan 

The Morrigan has always been with me, even when I did not have a name or a face to connect with. She was the rage I felt as an eco activist at the rape of the land, sea and sky. She was the courage I needed to travel to far flung places across the globe, and she was the strength I found deep inside when my world was turning upside down and all my security had been ripped out from underneath me. Later in my life I began to be introduced to her as a deity and figure in myth. As I learned more by fireside, through books, and through my artistic and spiritual practice. I recognised her more and more, until one day I felt her clawed hand on my shoulder and I knew she walked with me and I would always hear her call. 

When The Morrigan calls us she does not give us options and can not be ignored, or to your own peril if you do! Often we will recognise her in times of deep change or transition in our lives, or when we have deep need of support and protection. But even as she helps us find strength to battle on, to find clarity in the chaos and calamity of life’s events, she will also ask us to defend others and become protectors, to be her warriors in this world. As with all things there is give and take, there are blessings and challenges, all are important and you can not take the blessings and ignore the challenges, this was the lesson I have learned from the great queen. I now hear her words forever echo in my mind…

‘I see you daughter of the earth and sister of the stars.

I give you what you need to win your own battles and fight for your own life.

Then you will be my maiden on earth and 

You will fight for those with no voice,

You will protect those unable to fend for themselves,

You will walk in the world and speak my name,

You will stand to the fore with sword in hand, ready to defend the land.

I call you daughter of the earth and sister of the stars, 

You are my maiden and together we stand ’

So this little corner of the website features a selection of paintings from Prayers to The Morrigan book and The Morrigan’s Call Oracle deck ( published by Llewelyn Publishing in 2024), along with some other stand alone devotional paintings. The images I have selected are the paintings I had the most intense connections to the Great Queen. 

The Prayers to The Morrigan book was a co-creatrix project I embarked on with two authors and priestesses of The Morrigan, Stephanie Woodfield and Karen Storminger. I found it incredibly inspirational and helped me to reconnect more deeply with the goddess in her many different guises. That project then in turn inspired the oracle deck, which is why I have kept them together in this section and I will leave links to the book and the deck (the deck is still to be published in 2024) here also.

Links to Morrigan oracle deck: publish date 2024

Links to prayer book and authors pages: Stephanie Woodfield and Karen Storminger