Old Ways Magick Oracle – 50 Cards


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Old Ways Magick Oracle 50 cards

Dear reader, when I began to share my personal journey of spiritual healing, re-discovering and re-learning the old ways, I have been asked on occasions if I would share my art and journey with others in the form of an oracle deck.

Slowly over the years I have been creating images which have helped me find deeper connections with the spirit of the natural world, with the wild spaces and the old ways of being. So the idea of having this journey in one place as an oracle very much resonated, as well as reflecting how I use my work in my spiritual practice already.

However as with most things in life the path is rarely straight and free from obstacles. When I first had the idea for the deck it was going to be a much grander affair, with a publisher, co authors and international distribution and all that what not, but then Covid hit and everything fell through. Although it was a blow it also gave me a push to forge ahead without the support and have the courage to self publish, with only my wonderful husband assisting. As a result of creative thinking born from necessity, I came up with the Old Ways Magick Oracle. Originally the Oracle was a 36 card deck, and I published it because there were a lot of folk out there who really wanted to work with the cards. However I always wanted to add to more, primarily driven by for my own need to visualise the lessons and themes of my journey with the old ways I hadn’t been able to do before. So between 2021-2024 I diligently scribbled away creating the last 14 images, so the deck now consists of:

  1. 50 card deck: The cards journey down old winding, wild paths where we meet with the old gods, walk with the spirits of the land and follow the natural changing of the seasons through the Wheel of the Year. Each card is numbered and matches the pages in the booklet so it’s easier to reference, as well as intuitive key words at the base of the card.
  2. A very small booklet with brief explanations and key words of the wisdom I learned from each card. These words are simple prompts, a way to help focus on your own inner truth and build your own framework and personal relationship with the image.
  3. A hand stamped bag, made from sustainably sourced and ethically manufactured organic cotton. (this is optional)

This deck has been used in a variety of ways by different folk for different purposes. For daily practice I use one card. Either on a nature walk or in my sacred space at home when I am in calm internal space I pull one card and that is my focus for the day. Alternatively I choose a card which reflects an energy I would like to influence my day.

Others like to use the cards as a companion deck with the Tarot, Runes or other divination tools and adapt the deck to their own practices. Other times a simple, intuitive self reading on a dilemma is preferred and for this I use a three card spread, sometimes referred to the Norns spread. The first card is past influences, the second card your present state, and the third representing possible future influences. The three cards combined help me to look at a problem or situation I am facing in different ways and after a time of quiet focus I can usually find clarity or resolution.

Although the cards have echoes and influences from traditional tarot they are very much an eclectic and intuitive collection of images. Not following any particular doctrine or formal belief system. Instead each card has been inspired from nature and spirit, created intuitively, with the guidance of the ancestors. The deities and spirits represented are guides to support us on our paths of self discovery and growth.

My hope is that all the folk who use the cards will be able to hear, see and feel their own truth, to travel through lessons old and new helping to complete journeys of learning in order to embark on new adventures of self discovery.

Thank you for supporting the birth of the Old Ways Magick Oracle deck, I couldn’t have done it without you.

Many Blessings





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