Lia Fail – Stone of Destiny – Stone of Scone


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Lia Fail is a symbol of sovereignty associated with the choosing of the rightful king of Ireland. According to tradition, when a rightful king of Ireland touched it the stone would let out a loud and unmistakable cry, confirming the king’s legitimacy and divine right to rule.  In Ireland, it was said to have been located at Tara, the ancient capital. It was taken from Ireland to Scotland at some point in history and was traditionally used in the coronation of Scottish and later British monarchs. It was placed under the Coronation Chair in Westminster Abbey in London, where it remains today despite the calls for it to be returned to its rightful place. 

In this image the goddess as priestess is sitting at the base of Lia Fail, she is the bestower of sovereignty when the stone cries. In front of her are the offerings from the tribes in her honour and thanks in blessing their true leader.  

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