Macha – Battle Queen


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Macha – Sovereign, battle queen! This was an aspect of the great queen I most struggled with, she challenged me at every turn, pushing and prodding me to face my demons with a mighty battle cry, whether I felt ready or not. She demands we fight against injustice, to defend ourselves against adversity, with integrity and noble courage. She calls for determination, grit to stand firm by your convictions. She is sovereign, Queen of the tribes and I call on Macha when I need the strength and courage to face challenges in my life.   

“Macha of the Red tresses

Red Cloaked One, Fiery One, Just Queen

Queen in your own right, Hear my voice

Your Voice in my head, a battle cry!”

(extract written by Karen Storminger from Prayers to the Morrigan)

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A3, A4, A5 Altar Card, A6 Mediation Card