Badb Catha – Battle Crow


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When I first began this piece I was mainly thinking of Badb as a foreteller of men’s doom, as a battle magick weaver with foresight, so called it Badb Seeress. However during my time with her I have been through many challenges of my own where battle spirit, not foresight, was the power I reached for with Badb. In this piece she is a harbinger of doom and magick weaver, but most importantly she is my screaming, raging warrior goddess who helps me to keep on fighting when all seems lost. 

She reaches down and pulls me up when I am weary and wary of life. 

She helps me find my battle cry when I feel I have no voice. 

She gives me strength to wield my pen with passion and truth. 

She is in my blood and bone, she is Badb Catha – Battle Crow 

This piece will be part of the illustrated book ‘Prayers to the Morrigan’ by Stephanie Woodfield and Karen Storminger


You are frenzy,

You are battle,

You are madness,

Yet, you are also a noble queen,

a weaver of magic…

Badb of Blood and sacrifice…

Mother of ravens

Guide me in this darkness

Show me where blood meets bone

And the secrets that need to be told…

(excerpts from Prayers to The Morrigan by Stephanie Woodfield and Karen Storminger.)



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A3, A4, A5 Altar Card, A6 Mediation Card