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Nemain – Frenzy. The freedom of the primal scream, this piece is all about release!

Nemain’s world is all primal chaos, she is the divine feminine at her most instinctive. she is the maelstrom in the centre of the battle, wreaking havoc and mayhem, confusion and chaos. With Nemain screams echoing in my mind I release my fears, my rage and let it all flow out into the whirlwinds to transmute and scatter to the four quarters. When my voice is croaky, my head light and my body relaxed I can rest, thank you Nemain for the storm which brings peace.

“Your voice,


Sees within,

Sees our fears,

Our folly,

Our strength,

Our weakness,

You show us what is true


(Extract from a prayer written by Stephanie Woodfield for Prayers to The Morrigan book)


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A3, A4, A5 Altar Card, A6 Mediation Card