Healing Stones Connections


Healing Stones – Connections
I created this piece to remind me that in order to grow and thrive, to maintain balance, alignment and flow, we must be connected and interconnected. This picture is about new beginnings, abundance and fertility. Young life and journeys beginning. It was created as a wedding gift as well as another piece for the Healing series.
Achieve alignment, maintain balance.
Create connections, 
find harmony
And be hale and whole.

Meaning of the Standing Stones: The Men-an-Tol, Cornwall England. I chose these stones because of their associations with healing and fertility. For centuries, the stones were renowned for curing many ailments, particularly rickets in children, by passing the sufferer through the hole. The site’s reputation for curing back problems earned it the name of “Crick Stone”. The stones were also seen as a charm against ill-wishing. I have used them to represent the union between lovers, to bless them with a strong healthy relationship, growing and deepening over time.

Meaning of the Symbols: The symbols I have chosen come are an eclectic mix but are all used as forms of blessings for the new couple and their connection or union to each other.
The Three Hares motif is a symbol found all across the British Isles and as far as China and Middle East. One of the most famous sites is the Mogao Caves temple complex on the Silk Road where the symbol is used to represent peace and tranquility. So I have used it to bless the love and home of the couple.

Runes used: Protection, love and wealth

Meaning of Sigil: ‘Blessed Be your love’

Meaning of the Animals: The hare is often associated with deities such as the Germanic Ostara, or the Egyptian goddess Wenet, and signifies the moon, sacred feminine, rebirth and resurrection. It is also seen as a symbol of fertility and sensuality, and in the East, the hare is said to represent peace and tranquility, and has been regarded as an auspicious animal.
Bees are a sign of spring, of times of abundance and fertility. The bee blesses the home and hearth.
Dormouse, to help us remember to take notice to the small things, there is beauty in the mundane and that no matter how many days we have together we must never take each other for granted. The Dormouse sleeps the winter through and wakes in the spring, a sign of growth and new beginnings.
The Dragonfly signifies transformation and adaptability in life. To change and mature, your emotions to deepen as your connection to each other become stronger over time.

At the base of the image I have included the face of the Ostara, goddess of spring and fertility, to bless the lovers and the beginning of their new journey together. This piece is for developing deep and rewarding relationships, it represents hope and heart healing.