The Wild Goddess


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This piece was created for a very spiritual healer, commissioned by her partner. It is a piece of sacred art made to be used in ceremony and ritual. The image was created through a series of meditations over the summer of 2018 and it was to be the first time I connected with the wild goddess, for me not only the archetypal wild goddess, but the wild goddess of magical Dartmoor. I first connected with her at Scorhill stone circle, then again while sitting with a lovely Rowan tree growing strong and tall between HoundTor and Greater Tor Rocks. On my final meditation at Bone hill Rocks she showed me the way into the cave of stars where I can rest on a bed of moss in a beam of warm white light, inviting me to be filled with love and healing. 

She is the wild goddess full of adventure and courage. As she walks the sacred ways she brings with her the mysteries of darkest nights. She is from the wild lands and moves with the rhythms of the seasons, the heart beat of the land, the whispers in the wind. As she wanders through moon washed nights, she hunts and dances with the ancestors on top of the Tors, at the sacred springs and down in the Coombs. 

Here at home in the wild lands, the moorlands, she is the Wild Goddess defender and protector of the wilderness. So as I look up to the moon and press my fingers to the ground the wild goddess speaks to me, as above so below, “You are always beloved of the land, feel peace, thrive and grow.”

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A3, A4, A5 Altar Card, A6 Mediation Card