Brigid’s Song


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Brigid’s Song.
This piece was inspired by a piece of poetry written by a friend, bard and tree brother Tim Wykes. It is dedicated to magic, hope and the Triple Goddess Brigid.
The Elves and the Pixies had a Feast
Through the Lambs tail Catkin heads of Hazel tree a picture forms of the Elves and the Pixies tea party as they danced and jigged under the light of a sweet full moon, with Acorn cups and twigs for forks, as a Stag bellowed out a tune, the nectar from the bees did flow, oh such a heady brew. At this the mice got up and they joined in and marched in two by two.
The Old wise Owl sat up in his Old Oak tree just looked down deep below he shook his head and let out a tewit tawoo while from another little branch Robin whistles on too. Then from out of the darkness arm in arm Stoat and Weasel rock up the joint ‘We heard this is the place to be’ they speak toward the Badger as he conducts with his hedgehog quill and still the feast goes on.
The thrush beats on the shells of snails, as the Ants do stamp their feet, and the sounds of clapping cowbells from a distant field only adds to the happy woodpecker knocks out a beat from his favourite tree and from the swaying blades of grass snake does his slither to join the joyful throng, while frog leaps in to not miss out with her own deep croaking song!!
Then from the mists our lady Brigid herself lifts the heads of Snowing Drops, and gives a little chuckle, for spider rolls upon the floor and she’s in a terrible muddle. For she tried to dance you see but silken stockings bound her legs and down she went and found herself in trouble till our lady burnt them through with sacred fire and saved her trouble being doubled!
Then the feast was silenced as they heard our lady sing, for she brought along the hopes and dreams that only comes with each and every spring, she gives life to the Acorns below, as too the bud and the blossom grow. Then nests are formed upon ancient boughs as well the Rooks, Ravens and Crow. She wakes them all to bring splendour and grace to life’s loving embrace as she breathes them life cast forever ever on it goes.
©Timbo February 2018

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