The Dark Goddess


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Mara, Morana, Marzanna a Slavic goddess who was and still is honoured across many of the Slavic and Baltic countries. 

She is a pagan Slavic Goddess associated with seasonal rites based on the idea of death and rebirth in nature. The death of the Goddess Mara at the end of winter heralds the rebirth of Spring. Only when she has passed will the new shoots grow and spring will arrive again.

This idea is reflected in a traditional celebration on spring equinox when folk would go to the nearest spring, pond or river then set fire and drown effigies of Marzanna in water (an element of high importance in season-related celebrations). It is understood as the goddess’ symbolic descent into the underworld, leaving space for life and growth before she is reborn next winter.

She is the death aspect of the goddess and has been compared to the Greek goddess Hecate, associating her with the underworld and magick. Both are manifestations of the Dark Goddess as mother of souls. I also have strong associations with Kali Ma and The Morrigan who are both battle goddesses, gatherer of souls and destroyer of worlds. All these manifestations of the Dark Queen are growing stronger, their cry to battle heard by more each day. The time has come for her to destroy in order to transform, so the world can be reborn again. 

This piece was a request from a soul sister in the U.S. and resonated deeply with me. It was during the first weeks of the war in Ukraine and I knew it was time to call on the dark goddess to rise again. 

In this time of war where we see the mothers and children fleeing for their lives, the endless bombing and destruction of homes and civilians, in these days when the putrid lies spouted by soulless men of power are given credence, she will come. Day after day of destruction as Europe dithers and continues to deal with the devil, she will hear our call. When leaders are deceivers and men seek power above life, it is time for the dark goddess to rise again. The warning signs have been witnessed, she is coming and let them quake in their boots as she breaks their minds, and wears their skulls as a crown on her sacred head, these men of war and deceit.

I felt Mara was meant to be manifested at this time, as a dedication and promise to all the innocents, they will be avenged and balance will be restored. 

“In the depths of a cavern buried in a land left barren by unwinnable fights for freedom, She lies in wait, licking her fingers clean from a light meal of compassionless creatures and violent power-mongers. She is the intergalactic champion of the darkest and bloodiest game of hide-and-seek and Her age-long countdown is over…

She is coming. She has seen Her children being bought and sold, the bodies of women chained to the hard stone of outmoded and crumbling beliefs, the waters rising, and the creatures dying.

She has seen the billions controlled by the few, and She is returning a bloodthirsty and ravenous mother-huntress wielding the weapons of holy hellfire and feminine grace.…

She is the long-haired darkness crawling through the wilderness on scraped knees and bleeding palms. She is coming. She has strapped the souls of the innocent to Her bare back. She has collected the small bones of lost childhoods and stolen joys and added them to Her crown of bridal gowns worn too young and guns fired by babies.… She is coming

Danielle Dulsky: She is the Dark Moon Dawn

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