Fox Spirit of Dartmoor


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This image started off as a commission request, but as happens so often in my art, Fox Spirit became more than a fox it became a very personal journey to reconnect with one of the spirits of the moor who speaks to me often. I painted him this spring and in the joy of the season I connected him to Beltane, so the whole image has become a celebration of the moor in springtime waking from it’s winter slumber and Fox at his wisest and most joyful as he has survived the harsh, cold months!

Starting from the bottom we have the Beltane fire surrounded by dancers in a small stone circle, the flames rise high and become a Hawthorn tree. The Hawthorn is such a magical tree and so special to the moor, I have often had the most wonderful, fantastical dreams under her branches. When she blossoms I finally feel the growing season has arrived, so to have her in the image was very important. Emerging from the trunk of the tree we are presented with primroses, dandelions, nettles, plantain, and still tightly furled bracken, all supporting a myriad of life.

As our eye travels further up the picture to the centre we come to Fox surrounded by Hawthorn, Bramble, Apple and Dog Rose blossom. Fox looks out with clear, knowing eyes, speaking to us of dew drenched mornings in quiet misty groves, moonlight reflecting off the ancient granite bones of fallen giants and magick whispered on the breeze. So we come to the end of our visual and emotional story as our gaze is led through the labyrinth to the top of the moor and beyond to the stars.

Fox Spirit of Dartmoor is my way of remembering to embrace the joy of being alive.

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