Cernunnos the Sacred Masculine


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This image was conceived on Summer Solstice Eve in West Kennet Barrow along with the Litha Priestess. For this meditation I was working with both the sacred feminine and masculine, continuing my intention of finding and maintaining balance within myself and the world around me.

All of this lifetime I have embraced the feminine aspects in my life and in the society and culture I live in. I have always found myself easily walking with the goddess in her many sacred aspects but with the masculine I have had a confused and troubled connection. This piece is the culmination of the work I have done to embrace and celebrate to the sacred essence of man and masculinity.

‘The Sacred Masculine’ is brother image to ‘The Birthing Shaman’ and is part of my Litha Priestess painting as well. He is Cernunnos the horned god as land custodian, protector, provider and in harmony with nature. A keeper of life not dealer in destruction, he is the embodiment of masculine virility sitting in his senses grounded yet aflame with transformative potential.

With every positive celebratory image, poem, song or story I passionately believe we can also transform negative perceptions and hopefully the negative self perceptions of anything and everything. This is the magick of art and through art I challenge and offer alternative visions to the toxic masculinity of our misogynistic patriarchal societies!  

I would like to thank Jade Moon for inspiring me to do this piece, without her inspiration, vision and magick it would never have come to be. Also to my rune master Duncan White for guiding me through my futhark journey last year which enabled me to heal wounds and redefine my relationship to sacred masculinity. Without it I would not have been able to do this piece. Thank you both I am forever grateful.

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