Solstice Oak


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This image was requested by Rogue Theatre, who are a nature based theatre group performing from a beautiful woodland growing in magical Cornwall. They wanted something representing celebration, and gave me a brief of Oaktree, sun, moon and magick.
It was like a seed being planted inside me and it grew and spiralled out of me. In this piece I weaved the magick of solstice, a time at the height of the sun god’s influence when we can fully celebrate the abundance of thriving life, along with the steadfast strength of Oak tree spirit, to lean on and shelter us when we’re in need. In this year of Pandemics, outrage at racial injustice, economic crashes, isolation and grief I find solace and strength in the steady trunk of a living tree, knowing the wheel turns, the seasons change, the sun shines and life is a journey of wonder and discovery.

Rogue Theatre Instagram: rogue_theatre

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