Rebirth – Mycelium Magick


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This image was inspired by the poetry of Even Tomte and will be the cover art for his upcoming book of poetry. It is also one of the last pieces of the Healing series, a journey I thought complete until I began this piece, the circle of life, the circle of healing ends with “Rebirth – Mycelium Magick”.

In this piece I wanted to be able to dive in and out of the multitude of complex and interconnected living structures just beneath our feet.

As the leaf settles on the forest floor so begins it’s end as a leaf, it is slowly consumed and dissolves and sinks under the ground, although it’s time as a leaf is gone life begins again as the hyphae threads grow and weave with each sacrifice, a living structure builds, mycelium connecting and nourishing all life above and below.

Rebirth is the embracing of this beautiful system where every nutrient, every particle of energy is reformed and recycled in to new forms of life. From the Mature Mountain Ash tree to the tiniest of interwoven threads connecting all to this intricate web of life, nothing exists without the others. The healing wisdom of Rebirth; for one part to be healthy the whole system must be healthy.

The quoted stanzas below from the poem ‘The Joy of Being Eaten’ reflected exactly the energy of “Rebirth”


by Even Tomte

(a rough translation from the original Norwegian)

Fall to the ground as an autumn leaf letting go

glide through the air, towards the ground, no going back

Become a part of the woodland blanket, create with your sails

Shelter for mice and beetles, earthworms and snails…

Dig through dirt and roots, feel how it tastes

Mould and leaves and rotten flesh and other tasty treats

You, too, will be a treat when your time is up

All will live, all will die, and nothing disappear…

For a time you will become a living human being

Until you must leave life again, as nature demands it

In the earth you are lowered, again to be eaten

With your dead body all nature will be honoured

Thus life will rise again is ever new shapes

Fish and fowl and apple trees and bats and worms

Perhaps you will again become a leaf on a tree

Before autumn is there and you will fall again.

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