Healing Tree Aligned


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Healing Tree – Aligned

I created this piece to remind me that to maintain good health you must have balance and in order to maintain balance you must have alignment.
To grow and thrive, energy must flow.
Achieve alignment
 and maintain balance
To find harmony 
and heal.

Meaning of the Tree: The ancient Ginkgo is so old botanists consider it a “living fossil.”
At least 150 million years ago ginkgo grew all across the Northern Hemisphere, but was virtually wiped out in a major extinction event following the last ice age. Luckily, a few specimens survived in China. According to legend, Chinese and Tibetan monks found value in this rare tree and began to cultivate it. The reason we have any ginkgo trees today is thanks to their efforts and as a result the oldest trees still growing, are situated outside temples and monasteries in China. They are revered for longevity and symbolise enlightenment to Taoist magicians who used to carve their magic spells and symbols on old ginkgo wood to gain access to the spirit world.

The art of a tree is to flow and grow. From crown to roots all aligned in perfect balance. To communicate this concept of healthy alignment I have shown the spirit of the tree with aligned chakras

Meaning of the Chakras:

1 The Base or Root Chakra
Motto: I Am
Mantra: LAM
Colour: Red
Element: Earth
The Base or Root Chakra is the “foundation” and is about survival. It teaches us about the physical world survival and security.

2 The Sacral Chakra
Motto: I Feel
Mantra: VAM
Colour: Orange
Element: Water
This is where your emotions reside, particularly those connected with intimate relationships and socialisation.

3 The Solar Plexus Chakra
Motto: I Do
Mantra: RAM
Colour: Yellow
Element: Fire
In certain martial arts traditions this is where your Hara, or power lies for springing into action, mindful comprehension, and self-awareness.

4 The Heart Chakra Meaning
Motto: I Love
Mantra: YAM
Colour: Green
Element: Air
This Chakra governs love, kindness, mercy, willpower and self-empowerment.

5 The Throat Chakra
Motto: I Speak
Mantra: HAM
Colour: Blue
Element: Air
This Chakra governs our expressions, particularly those regarding our faith and Path.
This is also your trust centre.

6 The Third Eye Chakra
Motto: I see
Mantra: AUM or OM
Colour: Indigo
Element: Psychic or Extra Sensory Perception
This is your intuitive centre for all spiritual matters
This Chakra also influences the way in which you perceive yourself, those around you and the world.

7 The Crown Chakra
Motto: I Understand
Mantra: Silence
Colour: Purple
Element: Thought
This is the energy centre that connects a person to the Higher Self, Angels and the Divine consciousness.

Meaning of the Buddha: I used the sitting Buddha to represent the journey of enlightenment.

Meaning of the White Stag: In many animist pagan traditions the white stag represents the spirit of the forest, the ultimate magical and sacred being, representing the cycle of birth, growth and rebirth.

Meaning of the tree ribbons and rope: In the Japanese Shintō and Chinese and Korean Taoist tradition the sacred rope, Shimenawa, was tied around certain trees which were believed to attract spirits or have spirits called Kami inhabiting them. These spirit trees were revered and worshipped across Japan, as literally living temples.
In European paganism tying rags or ribbons to the branches of certain trees, often called Clootie trees which are usually growing close to sacred springs or wells, represents prayers, wishes and associated healing rituals of petitioners.

Meaning of the Kitsune Shrine: On the opposite side of the tree I have placed a shrine to the God Inari, the Kitsune is seen as the messenger to the gods and represents in this image the flow of knowledge across the realms.

Meaning of the Sigil: ‘Good health’

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