Ibis – Soul Carrier


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This is the second image in the Soul Carrier Triptych which depicts an Ibis with her fledgling under a full moon. the full moon explores the Ibis are wading birds, living in the space between land and sea, they are a keystone species to a healthy and balanced ecosystem. These birds form large complex flocks and do exceptionally well as a part of a community. 

In ancient Egyptian mythology Ibis was worshipped and revered as soul keepers, their  flocks tended by priests and their eggs have been found in burial grounds. In this aspect Ibis is a soul keeper, when the dead cross over it is Ibis who holds them safe, nurturing and protecting the spirit. 

Ibis spirit is symbolic of balance, purity, mystery, and unity. In this Ibis teaches us to learn about the true essence of being a part of something larger and greater than ourselves. Ibis also reminds us to explore and grow our spiritual understanding, to search out knowledge, to solve the mysteries.

To Ibis I ask, keep me safe as I seek to understand what I can not see.

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