Branwen – Love and Sacrifice


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Branwen – Love and Sacrifice
Branwen sits under Alder, the warrior tree, the spirit of her giant brother Bran stands behind her, forever guarding and protecting. I have shown her at the end of her story as the goddess of love and sovereignty.

In the distance a fire burns at the stones of Bedd Branwen (Branwen’s Grave, found on the isle of Anglesey), white ravens call their lament as starlings flit around her, singing of the suffering of innocents, battles fought and the courage of fallen heroes. As she leans against the shield of the tribes she offers her heart and her life, in honour of the warriors and defenders who died to protect their children, mothers, elders and their land.
I struggled with the story of this goddess who suffered so much harm and malice, who experienced the death of a child by the hand of a violent man. But now I have come to an understanding about love, to feel absolute and unconditional love, you need to empathise completely with others. To be a sovereign goddess, a goddess who nourishes her land and it’s people she must not only know of love but also sacrifice… and that sometimes they are one in the same.
This piece was finished as Russia invaded Ukraine February 2022 and is dedicated to the resistance fighters of Ukraine, my heart and the heart of the goddess is with you.

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