Oak Spirit


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I have been working with the sacred masculine between solstice and now at the next turning of the wheel Lughnasadh. However the journey to embrace the sacred masculine began a long way before this time. When I began my futhark journey through the runes a couple of years ago I decided to find and embrace sacred masculinity, to send out energy which gives alternatives to the barrage of representations of toxic masculinity in our society. Man at peace and deeply connected to the natural and spiritual world around him. I finished my journey with the runes Samhain last year and it has taken till now to manifest the connections I made. I hope you enjoy this piece in a series of images dedicated to the Sacred Masculine, Oak Spirit is available in my shop and will also be the cover for an Album of music dedicated to trees and the deep connection man can have with them. The piece I listened to from The Mind Orchestra is dedicated to the voice of Oak and birthed this piece, I hope you all love him as I do. Links to the music of The mind Orchestra will be included on the website as soon as he has launched his up coming album.


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A3, A4, A5 Altar Card, A6 Mediation Card