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Sulis was pulled from the cauldron in early spring 2021 but she had been influencing me through out much of the year before, sparked when a witch from Exmoor asked me to create an image of her. I journeyed to find her and connected, from then on through lockdowns and virus surges the goddess of the healing springs, ancestral and sovereign goddess of Albion, was there cleansing with sacred fire and water. The lady of the hot springs a healing light in dark days, uplifting and sustaining me.

I would like to thank the Priestess Lon Dubh for sharing her vision and connection to her goddess with me to help create this image and hopefully bring some healing energy to others. The words below are hers. 

Sulis – Noibo aidu iskâ ffanon. (Proto-Celtic “Sacred Fire Water Goddess.)

Sister-Goddess to Briga and so sacred that that even the Romans did not dare to remove Her name from Her sacred shrine, deciding to keep it and add Minerva to it – Sulis Minerva. Sadly though, they changed the name of the place from Sulis to Bath. Ancient beloved Goddess of these Isles. Revered by the Ancestors as:

She entwined with Fire and Water. 

She of both Sun and Moon.

She who heals.

She who wields curses from those who seek to ask. 



Fierce and boundless yet Healer of All Ills.

She watches over these Isles still….

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