Inanna – Queen of Heaven


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I initially created this piece as part of three paintings for a book exploring mythology surrounding the Mespotanian goddess Inanna, written by Wyn Abbot. This piece is called “Inanna Queen of Heaven” and portrays Inanna standing on the walls of the city Uruk, in her prime as the queen of heaven and great mother goddess.

Inanna, also often referred to as Ishtar, is an ancient Sumerian Goddess of Mesopotamia, her attributes are of love, war, and fertility. Inanna’s was born to Nammu, the sea goddess, and An, the sky god and was linked to the moon and the mysteries. As we follow her story she transforms from the laughing maiden dancing in her garden, nurturing the Huluppu tree to make a seat of power, a throne for a sovereign, and a stick to beat the drum of war. She becomes king maker and lover, at the same time as war goddess, eventually to ascends to her rightful place as mature mother goddess, queen of heaven. Before she can take on her mantle she must first go on a journey down into the underworld ‘The Decent of Inanna’. Where through a series of deprivations to eventual death, then revival and return, she goes through a transformation from young maiden to mature mother goddess of the people. Her journey represents self-discovery, maturity, and eventual ascension to divinity.

Inanna’s descent is not only an allegory of a personal spiritual journey when each aspect of ego is shed until all is revealed, but also of the cycle of life in a very similar way to the story of Demeter and Persephone. Reminding us that we must embrace the whole cycle of life, death and rebirth. For both life on earth and ourselves we must enter the darkness and shadow in order to be able burst forth into the light and grow.

“Inanna, Queen of Heavens, and Goddess of Love and War… her very name resonates deeply, her reputation spans the world and the heavens, her power and influence are all consuming.  She is Venus, the morning and evening star, shining brightly in the sky… She shines in the heavens always.  On a clear night or morning, we can see her shining alongside the moon, she will not be silenced, she will not be destroyed, she will teach us how to survive and how to overcome that which challenges us.  Her strength and courage, her bravery and love, her justice and knowledge are her legacy, her gifts to us, and the lessons she teaches us because she represents continuing life.” (Inanna Queen of Heaven – Wyn Abbot)

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