Dragon Mage


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This image was born from a request from a magick friend and in response to the poem Duelling Dragons by Sean Mychael Rice.

Merlin was of ancient age;
He was a poet and a sage;
He had searched from East to West,
To find the dragon in his nest.

And through many patient hours
Trained the dragon with his powers;
So, along with Arthur’s band,
The dragon, red, could guard the land.

These words and the request brought forth the Red dragon of Albion and his Mage. Merlin holds his staff high to the roaring red dragon come from the skies, as the White dragon writhes in the frothy waves beneath. Between the energies of air, fire and water the animals of Albion gather, the spirits of the earth steadfast and loyal to the end. The Dragon mage embodies the spark of magick, inspiration and creativity which is present in every stone, tree, river, lake, valley and peak across the wild lands of our world.

Some see the dragons as mythical beasts who exist in fantastic tales, others as an allegory for invasions of lands, devourers of peoples and ends of worlds. I see them as real, as living energy, and they are still performing their dance of creation in perpetual cycles to this day. So if you find yourself alone in a wild corner of the world, sit very still, close to the earth, the dragons will find you and show you worlds upon worlds of creative possibilities.

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A3, A4, A5 Altar Card, A6 Mediation Card