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In Celtic wolf mythology a wolf was the companion of the Celtic goddess Cerridwen (goddess of the Moon and fertility) and of the god, Cernunnos (horned god of fertility, life, animals, wealth, and the underworld). On the Gundestrup Cauldron, you can see Cernunnos surrounded by wolf companions. In this tradition wolf is an emblem of bravery, faithfulness and integrity.

Wolf also teaches us to find balance in the community in which we live. When a wolf pack is well balanced all the individuals in the pack are working for good of the whole pack. In order for all in the community to be healthy and strong there needs to be balance. Wolf teaches us to find courage to trust and lean on others so when we heal ourselves then the community as a whole will heal too.

To Wolf I ask, guide me to live with courage, honour and love

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A3, A4, A5 Altar Card, A6 Mediation Card