Phoenix – Fire Bird


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There are so many tales and legends surrounding this mythical bird. But across the many cultures spanning continents, all the stories begin with lifting from darkness into light, then back to darkness again; this is a complete life cycle and also to some a symbol of our immortal reincarnated soul.

It is also seen as a symbol of hope for people, like the phoenix emerges from its ashes so can we after devastation and loss. The phoenix urges us to fight on even in the darkest hour knowing the light will return.

This particular Phoenix painting was inspired by a song . It was written by Susan Paramor after the worst of the Covid 19 pandemic was over and I thought it a moving tribute and herald of the times.

Some words from the Phoenix, sung at the first Pagan Tribal Gathering since the last lockdown.

“step into the sacred flame, transformation with a vow…

Hail and welcome we all cry, in a circle round the fire…

Our tribe is here, heart beat as one…”

To Phoenix I ask, guide me through the sacred fire to be destroyed and transformed.

To find the music of Susan Paramor please follow the link:

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