Ursus brown bear

Bear is strongly associated with the Medicine Man or Shaman of several Native American tribes and is associated with areas of wisdom, strength and healing.

In Celtic tradition it’s thought that hunters invoked the goddess of nature Artio, who would take on the form of the bear, to guide them to safety and success.

Viking warriors would wear a bear pelt when entering battle, for strength and power. At Winter Solstice people would call upon the Great Bear for safety through the dark winter months.

When we look at Bear’s hibernation cycle we are also reminded of the value of rest, quiet and privacy, particularly in our busy lives. It is necessary to move away from daily chaos so we can truly listen to our inner selves, Bear medicine emphasises the importance of solitude, quiet time and rest.

To Ursus I ask, guide me to protect my core and gather strength for more challenging times.