Cerridwen of the Cauldron

Cerridwen (keeper of the cauldron of knowledge) the crone aspect of the Welsh Triple Goddess. Often associated with witches and magick as well as nature, death, inspiration, astrology, herbs, science, poetry, spells, knowledge.
She is wisdom and inspiration, death and transformation. Honour her when seeking great changes.

This piece was inspired by a request from a priestess of Kernow and by the poetry of Sean Mychael Rice and will be featuring in the ‘Duelling Dragons’, a soon to be published book of poems and art exploring the ancient tales of our European pagan past.

“Beyond the land, beyond the sea,
Beneath the silver moon,
Ceridwen stirred her cauldron
With a dragon-headed spoon.“

Cerridwen and Gion – Sean Mychael Rice