Birthing Shaman – Sheela na Gig

Birthing Shaman - Sheela na Gig

Birthing Shaman – Sheela na Gig, a labour of love and life. Sacred birthing art co-created with Gabriella Takutzima witch, Birth Keeper and Servant of Gaia.

I was deeply honoured to be asked to do this sacred art with Gabriella and felt the call to birth this piece for us both, she on the cusp of motherhood and me on the cusp of Cronedom.

After Gabriella approached me with the request we both took time to meditate and channel the image through our own practice, me in Devon UK and Gabriella in Oregon in the US. Both of us deep in connection with nature and under the same moon and sky. Then on Summer Solstice eve Sheela na Gig guided me to the ‘Birthing Shaman’, just as Gabriella had described to me… This strong, wild woman giving birth in nature, connecting above and below, the labyrinth on her fertile belly. She holds the sprouting seed from the mighty Oak while cradled in the boughs of grandmother Hawthorn. She is blessed with the vigour of the maiden, the love of the mother and the endurance of the crone. She is woman deep in her labours, a creature of instinct and intuition. Gaia, mother of all the ancestors, deliverer of new life and holder of ancient secrets. Sheela na Gig, blessed one to all mothers, lays at her feet, the birthing stone to ease mother and child safely through. So the circle closes and begins again.

Thank you to Gabriella Takutzima for your request and co-creatrix magick. If you would like to know more about Gabriella’s approach to birth work and womb medicine please check out her site at or her insta account

A bit of a testimonial… This painting has ended up being a deeply personal piece for both me and for Gabriella who originally requested this image for her birthing altar. In the time it took for this piece to be birthed, I experienced a profound shift in myself from mother to Crone. For the whole duration of the process, from request to birth, I didn’t bleed. Then just as I was finishing the piece I experienced the most intense moon time of my life. As I worked with the Birthing Shaman and Sheela na Gig I came to terms with my imminent infertility moving from mother to Crone, with one last shedding of my womb. At the same time even as Gabriella had also bled, her commitment to future motherhood deepened. And as always I am left in awe of the immensity of nature magick and the power of the old ways.