Eagle Owl

This image had been brewing for a long time, and was originally requested for a friend who works closely with the Eagle Owl… while I was working through potential ideas I connected with alovely lady who works with Rivenwell Wildlife Community based in Cornwall, and bam I had my inspiration. Wendy had a photo of a gorgeous owl called Jaz, and when she looked back at the photo she saw her beloved Barn Owl Moonshine reflected in one of Jaz’ eyes, the spirit owl so to speak… so when I did this image I used her photo as a base and went back to an experience I had when camping in Cornwall. The sun was setting on one of the standing stones, called ‘The Piper’ and I saw an owl sweep silently across the field. It was then I felt a solid connect to the moment, to the land and space I was grounded in, and a wave of gratitude and well being swept over me… to me this is magick, and it always comes from the spirits of the land, sky and sea that inhabit this world we walk upon. Thank you Wendy for inspiring me to remember that connection through your lovely companions and thank you Trace CZ Whitecrow for the request. Please check out Wendy’s Owl Pages and Ravenswell community on Facebook.

To Owl I ask, guide me to the ancestors and remind me to be grateful.