Beltane Wytch

Beltane Wytch

In this new sacred days series, The Wytches Wheel, I will be celebrating the magick of each wheel of the year sabbat through the eyes of witches, priests, priestesses, druids, shamans and healers. The series will celebrate the deep connections we as magical beings can have to the spirits of land, sea and sky.

This image is called The Beltane Wytch and was originally commissioned by a wise woman of Kernow Michelle Mari Elliott, to be the cover for her book based on old ways magick and follows the the great turning of the wheel. As it was at Beltane when she requested the piece and this idea had been darting around my head urging me to let it out, it was all too synchronous to ignore so she became the first wytch to feature in the series. 

In this image Michelle is in her ceremonial robes, with staff in one hand and bull roarer in the other a cosmic cauldron bubbling in front of her overflowing with transmuting magick. I surrounded her with the sacred trees which I especially associate with Beltane and with this kind of old nature magick which for me Michelle embodies. The nine sacred trees include Birch, Oak, Blackthorn, Hazel, Ash, Rowan, Alder, Hawthorn and Holly. I have also included Fly Agarics for spirit journeying and there is a web emanating from her centre to represent the connection to the great web of wyrd. The wolf and ravens are her familiar guardians and flank her on all sides. Behind the Wytch in the smoke from her cauldron the lord and lady of Beltane emerge, presiding over the landscape of the Huffington horse, which represents the tribes and land connections. As the sun rises over the turning of the great wheel the Wytch honours our connection with spirit and to the continued fertility of Gaia. She is protector, defender, healer and seer, she is the Beltane Wytch.

If you wish to learn more about Old Ways Magick in the traditions of the wise women of Kernow then please visit Michelle’s Wytch Wyse website, she can also be found on FB and Instagram, just follow the links below.


FB: Wytchwyse 

Insta: @michellemarielliott