Phoenix Rising

Pheonix Rising by Naomi Cornock

This piece was originally done as a 50th birthday present for a modern day wonder woman. She is one of those amazing women of our times, being a full time mum, main wage earner, nurturer and organiser of her family. She works crazy hours, always striving to do her best for all she loves. This is my homage and healing art for her and all women who are sole providers and nurturers to all they love. To the sisters, mothers and grandmothers who spend their lives taking care of others, often sacrificing their own health and well being in the process. This image was created to remind us that it’s ok to crash and burn, we will rise again from the foundations of love we have spent our lives nurturing. It is an image of rebirth and hope.
Through the ties that bond 
find comfort and healing.
From the power of three
Bind magic and meaning.

Symbolic meanings
The white stag is protection and wisdom
. The dragonflies and butterflies transformation and rebirth
. The Coi fish represent courage and strength in the face of adversity
. The Phoenix is a symbol of hope and rebirth after trials and tribulations
Thurisaz – the gateway, opening up of a new path, to be open to and guided by wisdom
Tiewaz – the warrior, a rune to teach us to have courage and always battle on
Algiza – the rune of protection and leadership
Plant symbolism
Aloe Vera for healing, 
Jade Plant for prosperity, 
Sunflowers for optimism, Poppies for peace and transformation, 
Lilies for death and rebirth
Words written in the healing spiral
And she rises from the ashes more beautiful than before…
Each morning we are reborn’