Into the Cauldron

Into the Cauldron by Naomi Cornock

Healing  Waters

Let the waters flow through you, cleanse you, rebirth you.
Let the energy of the ancestors, the shining ones, the old ways pour into you and heal you.

This piece was a response to a wonderfully transformative event I experienced at St Nectan’s Glen in Cornwall. I have asked the ancestral priestess of the Kieve to say in her words the intentions and the magick of the night.

“I was honoured to receive an altar cloth print of Naomi’s incredible painting of a ceremony I led last year on the Blood Moon at St Nectans Glen.  This awe inspiring painting is titled ‘Into the Cauldron’ and depicts a truly magical eve at the most sacred of places, an ancient magical waterfall in the heart of Cornwall.  As part of my weekly global intention spell (, I invited Naomi and other close friends to join me at this mystical place and magically connect to people all over the world, via the Web of Wyrd, to weave some new, positive threads for our future Earth.  Under the influence of the Samhain Moon we honoured the Shining Ones, the Crone and the Cauldron, and chanted ancient runes to the sounds of drums and crystal singing bowl.  We felt the presence of the Goddesses Morrigan and Cerridwen and many animal spirits weave their magic around us as the rushing waters  cascaded down through the holed stone.  This truly was a night of deep enchantment, thank you Naomi for honouring the cauldron with your magical artwork”  Michelle Mari Elliott, – Keeping the Old Ways alive