Healing Spirits

Healing Spirits

Find the quiet space inside you, hear your own truths, recognise that everything is connected and you will not only heal yourself but all the world around you.

Bear helps us recognise the importance of solitude, quiet time and rest for self healing.
The cat Spirit offers spiritual and emotional healing and is guardian of travellers.

Wolf is courage and reminds us that we are stronger and healthier when connected to others.

Deer are guardians of the forest and teach us there is also strength in kindness and patience.
Owl like cat connects us to the spiritual realm it also allows us to see past deceptions that hold us back and limit our growth.
The sleeping hare promises future growth and fertility and the flying Buzzards a symbol for purification of mind, body and spirit.

The elements are called: water cleanses, fire transforms, earth protects and air clarifies.
The three trees are oaks growing in the Forest of Dean and represent the maiden, mother and crone, connecting above and below. They are protectors, healers and providers of wisdom. The spiral beneath them is the journey inward we all must make to truly know and accept our own truth, and be able to travel without.