Healing Spirits A Sacred Journey

Healing Spirits by Naomi Cornock

Find the quiet space inside you, hear your own truths, recognise that everything is connected and you will not only heal yourself but all the world around you.

This piece of sacred art is the manifestation of one of the most intense experiences on my spiritual journey. A couple of years ago I went on a transformative healing spirit journey in the Forest of Dean surrounded by  young and vitally strong oaks. It took me quite a lot of time to absorb and process the experience and a couple of months later, just as it was pushing against my psyche to come out, a friend posted a picture of the trees I met on Face Book!  There it was the whole piece in the forefront of my minds eye, and it flowed out in a huge rush of energy, allowing me to experience this life changing lesson all over again. Now every time I connect with this piece in meditation I go a bit deeper and learn a bit more of the lesson – to heal yourself is to heal the world.

I called Bear to help us recognise the importance of solitude, quiet time and rest for self healing. She is the great mother and she is our guardian from the earth realm below. Cat and Owl spirit offer spiritual and emotional healing and are guardians of travellers to the spirit realms. The sleeping white wolf and rabbit and the deer in the trees lend us their strength, courage and kindness. The flying Buzzards are guardians of the sky, as we are protected from below so it is above.

The elements are called: water cleanses, fire transforms, earth protects and air clarifies.
The three oaks growing in the Forest of Dean represent the maiden, mother and crone, connecting above with below. They are protectors, healers and providers of wisdom. The spiral beneath them is the journey inward we all must make to truly know and accept our own truth, and be able to travel without.