Elen of the Ways

This piece was requested by the guardian of the Temple for Elen, based on a vision he had from her and of her to birth this piece and to establish her house again in these times… And oh how we are in need of her wisdom.
In the beginning I didn’t have much knowledge or intuitive connection with this almost forgotten goddess and was curious to know her, to connect with her and at almost the same time as Alex approached me I had been having a series of encounters with a female antlered deer in vision questing on the moors and in my dream space. After more focused meditating on the request through 2018 I connected deeply with this ancient goddess, and this piece is the expression of that connection. Elen of the Ways is now one of the shining ones who walks with me when I journey on the web of life, illuminating the old ways, sharing wisdom and showing me the paths to take.

Elen or Ellen of the Ways, antlered goddess of the Wild Hunt. Goddess of sacred spring, of old track ways and of the Labyrinth. She completes the feminine aspect to the Horned God in balance, male and female in harmony. She has dominion over the animal realms, fae mother and priestess illuminator of the sacred paths. She has walked veiled from man for centuries mentioned in the tales of the Mabinogion. Sometimes referred to as the Green Lady. Revealing herself in this time her message to mankind, to return to the old track ways and run once more as part of the Wild Hunt, so mankind can remember its place in this world and bring balance once more.
Alex Park Temple for Elen, Northampton and founder of A Temple for Elen FB group, I can’t thank him enough for helping me to connect with her, Blessed Be Brother.