Myth and Magick

Myth and Magick

This image is called Myth and Magick. It was sparked from a request from a lovely lady for her and her friend. They wished me to depict their spirit animals in an image together and both had deep connections to Avalon. A dialogue sprang up with the women and I meditated to see what would come to me. On my journey I met my dragons again, this time at the base of Glastonbury Tor, where they danced their cosmic dance, the words from Sean’s poem came to me again…

The dragon, red, sleeps beneath

The mossy stone and fallen leaf;

Waiting by the forest fern

Ready always to return. 

The sword returns, back to the stone;

The harp, into an ash-tree, grown; 

And back to where the spirit’s led –

Is where you’ll find the dragon, red.

Under the watchful eyes of fox and crow, beneath Oak and Ash,   Apple and Thorn with Rose and bramble entwined,  the red dragon sleeps by the sword of kings, as the white guards the Tor, between the two the life giving waters forever spring.

So from this cauldron of inspiration came ‘Myth and Magick’ and I loved every moment of this journey.