A most civilised apocalypse

So it’s been a couple of days since I last wrote and the boredom is kicking in for the children, they are missing their friends. Even though we are surrounded by mediums in which to contact each other, social media, gaming platforms, phone, FaceTime and the list goes on. For the kids not to be able to pop over to their mates house or build dens, kick a ball about, go to the skate park, sit on the grass and chat… is now hitting home.

Then there are all the parents, saying ‘oh we are not bored, we are having so much family time it’s great to have the kids at home with us’ well that’s just fine for you, but our children are not pets or personal playthings, they are children and they need other children to play with, to grow with, to develop social skills outside of the family unit to cope with the wider world, because there will be a wider world to deal with eventually!… and our kids, no matter what their age or stage of development are missing out big time! At this point I can see how very selfish having children really is in our society, we never really need to have children in modern western societies and we have choice too with contraception readily available to all. We don’t need them to keep us when we get old, we have them out of a purely selfish desire to have another human being of our own. So even the act of continuing the species has become an act of pure selfishness. This is what we are and have become, this is what western values have taught us to be! But now is a time of quiet clarity, of confronting this false construct, to delve deep into your ego, question motives and desires and to let go so we can build a new!
Having said all this, it’s still a very civilised apocalypse with full fridges, mortgage freezes, furlong pay, but I look to the future and wonder who will come out the other side still with their perfect ‘golden age’ lifestyles in tact, and what more negative psychological repercussions will come from this sharp shocking change. We will see I suppose, but for now I will have afternoon tea and cake, safe in my bubble till it bursts.